Institute for In-depth Biblical Study

Personal In-depth Scriptural Study Course: HOLINESS STUDY TRACK


The washing of water by the Word

(Eph 5:26)

We are embarking upon a glorious adventure. There can be nothing more awesome and tremendous for a human soul than to come into a conscious experience with the Living God. And the Lord has opened the door for us to turn that initial experience into a wondrous life of constant personal fellowship with Him in His Rest.

God has provided His written word and given us His Holy Spirit to accomplish this awesome work of grace. In this Holy state of grace we will share God's thoughts, come to know His mind, see as He sees, and hear as He hears. Our minds will learn by the Holy Spirit what God has thought and what He thinks. We will have our being washed as it were by the water of the Word. God's own thoughts will remake our minds, renew them and structure them according to His design. We will follow with heart and mind how God presents His entire Truth to us in His word 'building concept upon concept' fully dependent upon the Holy Spirit and His personal revelation.

Although this takes discipline, prayer and study we will with great joy dig deep into the unsearchable riches of Christ and discover with the greatest confidence the 'eternal purpose' of complete reconciliation God has accomplished for us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Bible study course is undertaken in several steps. We need to do each one thoroughly and competently before we proceed to the next step. After we have come to see this glorious adventure to find a stable and completed Holiness in one book of the Bible we will proceed to another. The wonderful benefit of studying one book at a time in-depth is that not only do we discover God's great and personal truths but we build a tremendous spiritual foundation and can stand upon it with confidence.

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